Golden Goals Lottery - Our Collectors

Our lottery collectors

Every week our collectors are out and about in our town collecting for the lottery.
If you are unsure if a caller claiming to be from our lottery is genuine please call us on 07802 741203

They all carry identification.

The collectors will never collect cash or cheques from those who have signed up to pay by standing order.
The collectors usually operate Monday to Friday evenings during the first two weeks of each month and occasionally at weekends.

How to recognise our collectors?

All of our collectors have picture ID cards.

Current Collectors

All of our collections are split into rounds covering geographic areas of the town:

a. Chaz and Mike Drane, who covers Mill Hill and Upper Walmer.
b. Anne Garlinge, who covers Central Deal and North Deal.
c. Keziah and Shaun and Jane Wright who cover Middle Deal and Sholden between them
d. George and John Parsons who cover Lower Walmer & Kingsdown between them

If you no longer wish to contribute, please could contact us and we will remove you from our database;
Telephone:379677(answer phone)
Mobile:07802 741203

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